Amrita ATL Marathon Mentorship Program 2019-20

Winning Entry for ATL Marathon 2019 from 

Amrita Vidyalayam Thalassery and Amrita Vidyalayam Chennai


Winning entries of ATL Marathon 2019 from Amrita Vidyalayams


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About ATL marathon 2019: Research, Ideate, Innovate , Implement Mindful Innovation for the Greater Good

For ATL marathon 2019, we give you the opportunity to design your marathon! All the students of India will unleash their creativity and innovate for a better school environment and therefore a happier childhood.

Tell us about the problems you face within your school and that might just be the theme of this year's marathon and the entire country will work towards solving it.

Or is there any other problem that you think could be solved for a healthy and peaceful society and its development. Here's your chance to do something about it!

No problem is too trivial and every problem has a solution.

Remember it is not a sprint but a marathon, so go slow and think hard on what you want to achieve with your solution. Reach milestones along the way and work towards creating a big impact in the school environment and the wellbeing of yourself and others facing the same problem.

The winning entry will not just be a best creator of a solution but it will be an entry that has thoroughly understood the problem, thought of an innovative solution to the problem and implemented it within their school and imagined the scope of implementing in more number of schools.

Problem statements

ATL marathon participation guidelines from AIM



Innovate & Implement

ATL Marathon 2019 Rules from AIM: For Students and Schools

Meet the school and the ATL In charge Teacher

Amrita Vidyalayam, Thalassery

Maakoottam, Punnol, Thalassery, Kerala, India

Ms. Jincy Sreejith

Meet the mentor team for the school

Gayathri Manikutty, AMMACHI labs

Br. Akshay Nagarajan, AMMACHI labs